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Press Release - May 2013 - Namie Amuro

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

Why Namie Amuro Singapore Show Cancelled

1. Why was the Namie Amuro show cancelled?

Midas didn't cancel the show. On The Line decided to cancel the show, with no warning or announcement to us, citing late payment, even though they received the full amount within a reasonable time period.

2.Were ticket sales slow?

Sales were slower than expected, but this is no reason to cancel a show. Midas believes Namie Amuro should play for the fans that bought tickets. If sales had been as expected, would On The Line still have cancelled the show for a mutually agreed upon delayed payment? Probably not.

Midas does not cancel a concert due to low sales, although there may be times a concert will be postponed or changed to a more suitable venue. This was being discussed when OTL decided to pull the concert without our consent or any notification to us.

3. Why did Namie Amuro's website initially say is was due to "local promoter issues" then change it to "local technical issue"?

We are unsure why she changed her webpage since Midas’ contract was with On The Line. She couldn't have issues with Midas and as we had not started production work in setting up the stage, sound, lights etc - there could be no technical issues. This is as confusing to Midas as it is to the fans.

4. Why did Midas delay the final production payment?

We had discussions with On The Line regarding issues like: increasing advertising budget, possible reduction or change in production, changing the seating arrangements, and discussions to possibly postpone the concert to a later date. On The Line had extended the payment schedule, since these talks were taking place even after the final deposit was due. However, Midas DID make the payment in full, only to have the show cancelled on us!

5. Why has Midas not made refunds available?

We are working with our lawyers for the return of fees that we paid in full to On The Line. Fans can contact them directly to ask why they have not returned the artiste fee to expedite the refund process. (OTL Contact)

6. Why are Japanese Fan Club members being refunded if ticket holders in Singapore are not?

These tickets were sold separately from those here in Singapore. As all of the proceeds and artiste fee had already been given to Namie Amuor/OTL, we have to get that money returned. OTL is also able to return the money back to fans. Midas is working hard to get the money returned. If OTL will not refund Midas, we are encouraging them to refund the fans directly.

7. When can fans expect a refund?

We are working with our lawyers for the return of fees that we paid in full to On The Line. Fans can contact them directly to ask why they have not returned the artiste fee to expedite the refund process. (OTL Contact)

8. Why have there not been any updates on the Midas Facebook page or website regarding this issue?

We are unable to post regular updates because On The Line/Namie Amuro are not responding to us or our requests - which means we have no new info to report. We are going through our lawyers, hoping for a response and early settlement, and will post updates when we have them.

9. Why have you given press interviews, but not made updates to the fans personally?

When there is information that can be shared with the public, the best way to reach the maximum amount of people is through the press. Future updates will be posted on our facebook page.

10. Why was there not any promotion of the concert?

The concert WAS promoted. A press release was sent out to all media outlets as soon as we signed the contract with OTL in February. Unfortunately many of the local media had already picked up the story in November and December when Namie Amuro first announced the concert on her website and didn’t print the press release. However, It was still picked up in many outlets and websites.

We bought ads in various media outlets, and did both tv and radio promotions. Screens in the MRT stations were also used. Bus stop signs were not possible because of the time constraints and the amount of lead time needed for booking them. Ticket contests were run on several websites and on the radio. We also pushed and pushed for interviews at the request of the local media, but it took a long time to secure them due to the shy nature of the artist. So, the concert was promoted.

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